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Ntc App UI

Jun ‘18 — Aug ‘19

I spent almost 5 years being the design lead on the global Nike Training Club app since 2015, initially leading the full app redesign for the Rio Olympics launch up with the goal to transition the app from being primarily female focused to a broader audience. After improving the app in the following years, the next shift was the creation of NTC Premium subscription service that launched in the US in May 2019. The work below showcases the current state of the app, such as the workout experience, programs and key app destinations.

App: Download here

CD: Mike Wood

Design Director: Mariana Bukvic

Sr. Designer: Euny Choi

Sr. Designer: Darian Edwards

Sr. Designer: Brent Loosli

Designer: Josh Balleza

Designer: Leah Braunstein

Agency Support: Instrument

Mariana Bukvic — OR / USA