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Ntc Premium MVP Videos

May ‘19

We launched NTC Premium in May 2019. The launch entailed 600 videos, ranging from workouts, to drills to trainer tips to trainer profiles to fitness program trailers. The content was created to power 4 training programs with Joe Holder, Kirsty Godso, Ryan Flaherty and Betina Gozo plus additional workouts with other trainers.

We were able to execute a high volume of content with a small budget, trying to maintain the highest quality possible with a lean crew and streamlined process. This forced us to stress test speed, efficiency and how nimble you can be with tight constraints. The creative direction was established prior to a pilot process to bring the vision to life: premium + raw + real.

Production Company: Picture Farm

Design Director: Mariana Bukvic

Ntc Premium Pilot Videos

Before rolling out our MVP release with about 600 videos we tested the concepts with a small set of content, 7 different trainers, 3 production companies, in NY, LA and Nike WHQ to validate process, video approach and execution. We captured classes, drills and trainer tips. For workouts we intentionally tested solo, multi-trainer and trainer + athletes to evaluate time spent on set and overall rehersal process.

Production Company: Picture Farm + BlueOx + Tastemade

Design Director: Mariana Bukvic

Mariana Bukvic — OR / USA