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Nike Find Your Bra 


Our digital ecosystem does not currently offer our WMNS consumer an engaging or interactive way to find the right bra for her. The full extent of what we offer her is contained within the product detail copy on the PDP and site navigation. We came up with a concept ‘Let’s Talk About Bras’. In a casual, non-scripted couch conversation, four everyday athletes* tested Nike sports bras out for their activities throughout a week, then came together for real talk about their experiences. In a series of videos called ‘Wear Tests’, a video per bra support type (low, medium, high) highlights the cast member’s experiences with using a particular bra for their activities and lifestyle. We created a destination on Nike.com to share these stories and pathways to shop the bras along with enhanced content on PDPs and various email and in-app communications to drive awareness. This approach resulted in great success by connecting with the consumer in a more relatable and authentic way.

Sr. Creative Director: Mariana Bukvic

Design: Kim Luis

Copy: Sarah Ostaszewski

Motion Graphics: Anders Svensson

North America Brand Partners: Brand Creative + WMNS Brand Marketing 

Agency Partner: Los York

Mariana Bukvic — OR / USA